About Sungun Sound

Sungun Sound is a Reggae and Dancehall Soundsystem located in Austria (Kleinwalsertal) and South Germany (Immenstadt). Our aim is it, to play and represent jamaican music all over europe, and maybe the world.

Back in the days of august 2009 the two members Bad Twin (Stefan) and Top Gun (Flo) decieded to create their own soundsystem after start listening to reggae music over 4 years ago. In the summertime of 2009 they bought their first vinyls plates. After lots of juggling sessions the sound was found in august. After playing their first dance in october 2009 everything was clear, they loved the business and the love to the music grew and grew. In the meanwhile, after playing lots of more dances, they etablished very good in the scene. At least in their local arae they got already a big name.

Top Gun
Bad Twin